This really IS the view from my front porch. Sweet, huh?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of “The Great Adventures of Ricky and Lisa” resulted in a gorgeous patch of Cone Flowers (Echinacea) being the photo subject of the evening.

  The lighting was just right for a great photo opportunity so I set up my camera and honed in on the brightest flower in the bunch.  Only after taking my first shot did I notice that my pick of the patch had a visitor.  

The big eyes of a moth were staring me down.

I am sometimes known to add thoughts and voices to the animals in my life.  And so the conversation between me and the moth went something like this:

Lisa – Good grief.  There is a moth on this flower ruining my shot.

Moth – “HEY!! What do you think you are doing???”

Lisa – (waving hands toward the moth)  “Go!  Scat!  Move along and let me take this picture while the light is good.” 

Moth – “I did NOT give you permission to take my picture.  No releases signed.  I had better not end up in some magazine with a staple in my bellybutton.”

Lisa – “Come on… hurry up and get through with whatever it is that you are doing.”

Moth – “Goodness, can't a guy have any privacy around here?”

Lisa – “I don’t want to hurt you… you’re kind of pretty.”

Moth – “Oh… thank you!”

Lisa – “Well, if you aren’t going to leave would you at least be still so you don’t blur the picture?”

Moth – “OK, since you asked so nicely, be sure to get my god side.”

My point is that I was probably disturbing his late afternoon plans just as much as he was disturbing
mine.  Sometimes the best way to get along in life is to just work with it.  Don’t get so stressed out over the things in life that you have no control over.  Many things that we encounter throughout the day are not worth making yourself sick over.  I recently read somewhere “Change what you cannot accept.  Accept what you cannot change.” I’d like to add – Seek God’s guidance when deciding which of these best fits your present battle.   I’m pretty sure there is a life lesson there.

Oh, by the way, Thanks Mr. Moth for some great poses!