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Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's Your Sign

I recently had a conversation with one of my children about how to know if a decision she is making is the right one.  Decisions made now will set the path of her future.  She is struggling with knowing if this is what she should do.  As a senior Alison is faced with many changes in the next year and she is struggling with the uncertainty of her plans.

This took me back many years to the days when I was faced with these same questions about my life.  I'm not sure that I put as much time into the plans that set me on the journey into adulthood.  Thank goodness I had the support and encouragement of my parents.  In reflection I can see that while they never told me what to do they gently guided me toward choices that would be healthy and rewarding. 

As parents we hesitate to tell our children about all the wrong moves that we made before we arrived where we are today.  Too many times stories of our wrong doings when we were young become endorsements or permission for them to do the same stupid things.  But allowing them to think that we never faced trials and temptations like the ones that are shoved in their faces today is misleading too.  The middle ground is to share with them how God used those times in our life to mold us.  God allows us free will which can lead to disaster when we try to go it on our own but He never leaves us to pick up the pieces by our self.  We may ignore His help but He is always there.

Many times we ask for a sign from God that we are doing the right thing.  We tell God what we want to see as conformation that we have made the right choice.  We limit Him to our expectations when he has so much more in store for us.  Martie Mangum, a Baptist preacher, blogged on this subject.   He reminds us that God has already revealed His will for us and it is found in His word, the Bible.  We ask God to be the one to move when, in reality, it is us that must take action.  If we are not spending time with Him how can we expect to recognize His will for us?

As Alison continues to search out her future we continue to pray for her.  She may try many things before finding a perfect fit but that's o.k. When the right one comes along she will know. This year will go by so fast and I know she will live it to its fullest.  She has already started marking the lasts- last year in high school, last year to be manager for the football team, last year to play basketball, etc. and a new chapter in her life is about to begin that will be filled with many firsts.  As I set back and watch this all happen I will try to not cry.  I did say "try" didn't I?