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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

Honey, does this outfit make me look Fat??  NOOOOoooo Dear.

Is this a good color for me?  YESSSSss Dear.

Do I look as old as her?   NOOOOoooo Dear.

It all starts so innocently.  We ask a question knowing that if they know what’s best for all, the answer will only be a positive response.  We do it to our spouse, our children, our friends… 

Children will lie without ever being shown how it’s done.  It’s a form of self-perseverance.  It’s also the sin nature rearing its ugly head.  They will blame messy rooms on their sibling, their pets or even their imaginary friend with the straightest of faces, believing themselves that they could not have been the culprit. 

Later in life we like to think of it as “little white lies”.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone what does it matter, right?  There’s also the tactic of avoiding the truth.  What time did you get in last night?  “Around midnight.”  1:30 am is “around” midnight, isn’t it?  Or we sometimes totally change the subject so that the topic is forgotten for the moment.

So when is it o.k. to lie?  Never, yet we still do.  “Thou shall not lie is #9 on the Ten Commandments list.  These commandments are rules for living peaceably given to Moses by God.  While man, not God, is the one who added weight to our sins deciding that one is worst than the other, they all have the same consequence.  Separation from God. 

The Arkansas sports world has been rocked today because of the consequences of lies and deception.  Fans all across the US have had mixed opinions regarding the fate of a motorcycle ride gone bad.  I’ve sat back and quietly read comments in support of a coach by young and old.  Many of these supporters think that the actions of our state’s representative done on his own time are his private business and none of our concern.  Many feel that wrong doings of a personal nature are not ours to judge and should be between him and his family.  Others lend a blind eye to any wrongdoing because he has coached our home team in the direction of continued victory.

I’ve heard over and over again the phrase “everyone makes mistakes” but Bobby Petrino made a CHOICE, not a mistake, and with his choice came life changing results. His choice affected many around him and the paths of their lives are forever changed.

I think the real tragedy here is not the loss of a great coach but the loss of our current generation understanding the need for integrity.  We have watered down morals and responsibilities by accepting less than stellar actions and standards.  Too many people today have no remorse or regrets at covering up wrong doings and the easy road wins over the high road.  An even greater tragedy is when they have lied to themselves for so long that they can’t see this lie that stands before them on a daily basis.  Many have turned their back to the truths with which they were raised and are immune to the pain this causes them and the ones who love and care about them.

As parents it’s our responsibility to teach by example.  I remember my sister-in-law telling her boys that the punishment for telling the truth will not be as bad as the punishment for telling a lie - notice that there is punishment found in both because she and her husband were teaching them that actions have consequences.  I am proud to say that both boys have grown into fine young men with integrity and a healthy respect for honesty.   

I know that I have failed in the area of truthfulness at times in my life but tomorrow always holds another opportunity for me to be true to what is good and real even if it may go against my own desires.  For us to obtain truthfulness we must have self discipline and consistency and we must continually rely on help from God. 

The life lesson here is so obvious – The truth will always win so don’t side with a lie.

Let us not forget about Jeff Long, Arkansas Athletic Director.  He went out on a limb and took a stand for truth.  Thanks Jeff for being a prime example of class and integrity. May we all learn from you and how you have handled this tough situation.
WPS - Go Hogs!!!!!